zaterdag, mei 08, 2010


Mouse speak 11

Reworking of this picture from this website. Click on the picture to enlarge. Copyrigth Villa La Repubblica 2010

[In this series I rework pictures from the internet, using my mouse and the paint facility. I use the search engine Alltheweb to find pictures for me. I use existing words from the Dutch dictionary and encyclopaedia to have the search engine find pictures for me. Usually it finds unexpected things. I also use Wikipedia pictures now and then. Click here and scroll to see the whole series.]

As i explained in Mouse Speak 09 my search engine found different pictures on the word aba. Amongst them pictures of cars. I am not a car fan, neither am i interested in their technicalities, nor in their design (i think there hasn’t been any interesting car design since Citroën DS). Neither are the pictures i found about cars particularly interesting from an artistic point of view.

I used this picture because it shows us almost nothing. Our attention should probably be drawn to the cabriolet and its slick and smooth design. But all kinds of other things are happening in the back ground. However, because of the lack of colour and action there is an atmosphere of utter dullness in the whole picture. This dullness also has to do with the light. The picture was probably taken on a dull day. The only solution i had for reworking the picture was to conceive it as a kind of collage of things and shapes that might or might not have something to do with each other, isolating them like islands in an archipelago.



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