vrijdag, april 23, 2010


Mouse Speak 10

Reworking of this picture from this website. Click on the picture to enlarge. Copyrigth Villa La Repubblica 2010

[In this series I rework pictures from the internet, using my mouse and the paint facility. I use the search engine Alltheweb to find pictures for me. I use existing words from the Dutch dictionary and encyclopaedia to have the search engine find pictures for me. Usually it finds unexpected things. I also use Wikipedia pictures now and then. Click here and scroll to see the whole series.]

As i explained in the last Mouse Speak my search engine found different pictures on the word aba. Amongst them pictures of animals. I don’t know what this picture has to do with the word aba, but anyway i found it to be interesting enough to rework.

It is actually a picture of a squirrel monkey somewhere in a zoo. The grille gives us an idea of both depth and of lack of depth. Depth and perspective in a flat picture are of course a kind of magic as there can’t be any real depth in a flat picture. But there is another aspect in this picture: the grille divides the picture in a different way, it organizes the picture itself in a flat way, in spite of the perspective, which it also arranges. This gave me the idea to rework the picture partially, as to stress its flatness, and to leave the picture partially in tact. The result is a kind of double focus.



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    Blogger Claudia said...

    Very lively for a behind-the-bars animal...a bit like hiding under a sarcastic mask. Laughing at us?

    zaterdag 24 april 2010 om 05:51:00 CEST  
    Blogger VLR said...

    Sarcastic indeed! In Dutch these mokeys are called ´doodshoofdaapjes´, which means ´skull monkeys´.


    dinsdag 18 mei 2010 om 00:50:00 CEST  

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