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Mouse speak 06

Reworking of this picture. Click on the picture to enlarge. Copyright Villa La Repubblica 2010.

As i pointed out in Mouse speaks nr. 4 and 5 letting my search engine do the dirty work poses some unexpected problems in finding useful pictures to rework. Letting the engine search on ‘aa’ brought me the pictures for Mouse speaks 4 and 5 from a Turkish website. It also brought me some pictures of the theatre group of the University of Michigan Dearborn.

I don’t know what it has to do with ‘aa’ but pictures of actors and stage scenes may be interesting. I chose this particular picture because of the shadow and the two very different characters.

I don't know what the play and this particular scene are all about. Anyway, i thought the actress’s bath-wrap had the wrong colour. Cocooning her in dark blue would also make up for having her legs cut off in the original picture (which has its shortcomings) and it would give her a Maria-like look. Further on the best thing to do was to heighten the drama.

I have been thinking of doing something about the wall in the background. Adding an open window where the white figure has come through, even giving him some angel’s wings. But i soon skipped the idea, the picture would lose content instead of gaining it.



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    Blogger Claudia said...

    Much intensity. But the scene is very serene. Probably the colours produce both feelings. The young woman'face is far more beautiful and alive than it was on the original photo. And the young man is transfigured.

    Fascinating, poetic work!

    maandag 22 februari 2010 om 18:34:00 CET  
    Blogger VLR said...



    zaterdag 3 april 2010 om 01:22:00 CEST  

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