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Mouse speak 04

Reworking of this picture.
Click to enlarge.
Copyright Villa La Repubblica 2010.

In the first three Mouse speaksi gave reworkings of pictures found for me by a search engine on ‘a’.

I decided to use a Dutch dictionary/encyclopaedia to find the next letter combination, which was ‘aa’. ‘Aa’ is the name of some rivers, brooks, lakes and ponds in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The name derives from an old Germanic word for ‘water’.

But my search engine didn’t find that particularly interesting. On the contrary, it found a host of extremely uninteresting pictures from a Turkish website, where people can either upload or download pictures from. Most of the pictures my search engine found here on ‘aa’ can’t be categorized at all. Neither were they useful.

What is a useful or an interesting picture? There is no standard definition as it is a purely personal question. To me a useful picture is a picture that relates to my own world such that i can add something to it or change it in a way that it is a comment on the original. Another condition i make is that the result must stand on its own as a picture. So in the case of the pictures of this website this posed a real problem.

I chose this picture to rework for some unconscious reason. I think the colour of the background appealed to me in one way or another. But the contents don’t appeal to me. I chose it because others even appealed less.

The first thing was to get rid of the content. The white letters are nice and shiny, but are probably added to the picture. The picture itself might be a still from a movie or a TV series.

I thought the most interesting option would be to grossly overdo the subject, turning the soldier into a kind of grotesque alien. He clearly comes from Heaven as he has wings. And his breath is a bit sharp, to say the least.



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    Blogger Claudia said...

    Ironic...Humanity: not much improvement!

    maandag 8 februari 2010 om 21:35:00 CET  
    Blogger VLR said...

    It's only as bad as it is, Claudia.


    vrijdag 12 februari 2010 om 18:25:00 CET  

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