woensdag, januari 27, 2010


Mouse Speak 02

Reworking of a  Yahoo picture. (Copyright Villa La Repubblica 2010)
(Click to enlarge)

Not being a team sports lover i find basketball one of the stupidest team sports ever invented. I really suspect Americans to pull extra hard at babies during their births to make them tall enough to be successful basketball players. Basketball rules make the game quite a nervous affair to look at, though they seem to be contrived to make it look like a serious game.

Anyway, as i said in my last Mouse Speak, i came upon quite a lot of sports pictures. So it would be a pity to leave them unused. Sports pictures always seem to be a bit overdone in emotions and movements. So when reworking them i really like to calm them down a bit. John Baldessari is always in the back of my head (as is Elsworth Kelly) when making these kind of things.

To be honest, i think guys look more useful to society without a ball. Or don’t they?



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