dinsdag, januari 12, 2010


Favourite things Update #

In the sidebar of this blog under ART & ARTISTS you’ll see quite a few links to artists your Villa is interested in. You’ll see works of living artists, dead artists, famous ones and artists lesser known. It would be quite impossible for your Villa to visit all exhibitions of these artists in real. But maybe you are in the neighbourhood.

While one artist is exhibiting in New York other artists are trying to make ends meet in other ways. Of course artists, by their works, are trying to reach out to you. The Hague artist Marije Bijl stresses here that it is important for the public to reach out to the artist too. She is one of the few artists i know around here who is working in an expressionist tradition successfully combining a high sensitivity and a sometimes violent roughness. Her works deserve to be more closely examined than can be done in these few lines.

Doubtlessly Navid Nuur is the most important artist in his genre at the moment in The Hague and probably far beyond. He makes installations and/or anything that has something to do with visual forms, shapes, environments and meanings. ‘Interimodules’ as he calls them himself. At the moment his work can be seen at the Fridericianum in Kassel. But happily his work will be on show in The Hague too in Stroom from 30 January onward.

The other day your Villa met Austrian artist Michael Gumhold. His works seem to be quite interesting and can be seen from tomorrow (13 January) onward in The Hague’s Galerie West. Details here.


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