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Den Haag . Studio Loos . zondag 30 januari . 20.30 uur !!!!!

Uw Villa ontving van Tanja Smit onderstaande uitnodiging die doet watertanden. Dit wordt leuk tot fantastisch. De redactie heeft het maar even aangevuld met plaatjes en extra informatie:

beste vrienden en collega´s,
voor wie het aandurft: een eerste (kortdurende) muzikale uitvoering van een paar van mijn tekstwerken, in samenwerking met componiste Anne Welmer en onderstaande musici.
hartelijke groeten,

30 january 2011 • sunday • 20h • studio loos

MoPS (aoaa)

a night of improvised music... wallpaper music... experimental music... electronic music... soundscape pop...

the programme:

• anne wellmer • analog garden (15') • performance/installation voor laptops

 Anne Wellmer presents the performance installation ANALOG GARDEN. Please bring your laptop to play a (short) QT movie file. Your laptop will be part of the piece. The more laptops the merrier!

ANALOG GARDEN consists of a collection of video clips which were generated with analog synthesizers at the Experimental Television Center upstate New York during a residency in 2008 with Katherine Liberovskaya. The ETC includes legendary vintage analog video synthesizers and processors, custom built by David Jones, Dan Sandin and others. For a long time I have been dreaming of a garden of TVs to present many of these clips simultaneously... the material was made for oldfashioned television sets and playing them back on laptops isn't exactly the same. nevertheless:

whoever brings their laptop (on time) will get a clip to participate in the piece and then take home...

• yolanda uriz (processed flute) + yamila rios (processed cello) (15')

• tanja smit • textworx for voices (15') performed by

ãngel faraldo, marie guilleray, matteo marangoni, sandra pujols,
cora schmeiser, tanja smit yolanda uriz, anne wellmer

tanja smit's textworks explore and expose language in it's printed form. They consist of simple, repetitive manual interventions in already existing printed texts, which vary from newspaper- and magazine articles to whole books. Some interventions are more formal and some are more content-based, though in general they are both; exploring the hidden structures and meanings of the text. They are meditations on language, obsession, music, power, play, design, structure and beauty.

a small selection of the textworks will be performed. they will be used as musical graphic scores. anne wellmer's graphic derivations consist of an array of isolated single layers. added are musical rules/instruction.

• intermission •

• KRK • matthew ostrowski (electronics) + george cremaschi (contrabas + electronics) (40')

KRK, founded in 2005 by George Cremaschi and Matthew Ostrowski, has devoted itself to a muscular integration of electronic and acoustic soundworlds, drawing on their more than 40 years of combined experience working in a variety of genres. Their concise, spontaneous compositions unite formal tautness with a fierce yet controlled energy, melding real-time musique concrete with virtuosic extended technique to open up undiscovered spaces in electro-acoustic performance. Building on their experience, with more than 60 concerts in over a dozen countries to their credit, KRK continues to innovate and redefine contemporary improvisational practice.

• pascal plantinga (bass guitar, voice, video) • soundscape pop (15')

.... 30 january 2011 sunday
.... doors open: 20:00. concert: 20:30 sharp.

......... Studio lOos
......... De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B
......... Den Haag, netherlands

......... 5 euro / 3 euro if you bring a pillow for comfort or
a laptop to join the analog garden
......... ......... ......... !!!

for more info see also
mops (aoaa) = museum for performed scores (and other accessible arts)

+ + +
+ + +
+ + +

for more music at studio loos see
ephémere - every 2nd thursday in the month
wonderwerp - every 3rd thursday in the month

it would be lovely to see you there!
.... anne wellmer

Tanja Smit

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