zondag, oktober 24, 2010


Mouse Speak 18

Reworking of this picture from this web site. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

[In this series I rework pictures from the internet, using my mouse and the paint facility. I use the search engine Alltheweb to find pictures for me. I use existing words from the Dutch dictionary and encyclopaedia to have the search engine find pictures for me. Usually it finds unexpected things. I also use Wikipedia pictures now and then. Click here  and scroll to see the whole series.]

No idea what the original picture is all about. Probably some party. But that didn´t attract me to the picture. It is the togetherness shown in the picture. Making one front for the camera. Behind the façade of smiles there are three individuals who at least agreed to share their togetherness with the rest of the world. But who are they? And what do we care? Why would we care?

So while reworking this picture i decided to stress the anonymity of these kind of pictures. I turned the togetherness into a brownish block. And it doesn’t even make much difference if you turn the thing upside down. Or does it?



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