woensdag, januari 28, 2009


Den Haag heeft zijn baard verloren...

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    Blogger Sean Jeating said...

    Ah, Bertus, good on you posting this.

    Without the intention to compare Gerard Fieret to my examples: Do you realise the same 'phenomenon'?
    I remember in the 60th we had quite a few 'strange' people in our town. 'Originals' they were called.
    A junkdealer, f.e. who when being drunk would give the traffic policeman while singing an aria; the young man who would jump along the streets exclaiming proudly 'two plus two's four, I am not stupid', etc. etc.

    The older I got the more often I asked myself: Where are all those 'Originals'?

    Strange this very post reminded me of this.

    donderdag 29 januari 2009 om 02:37:00 CET  
    Blogger VLR said...

    Well, Sean, Gerard Fieret was a real original as he was an artist is his own right too. He was both a poet and a photographer. He also made paintings, but personally a find them not that interesting. On the other hand, he had a mental disorder which made him suspicious of other artists and quarrelsome.
    Still it were his artistic capacities that made him not just an original.

    But i agree, you have these people who seem to be born from the city itself. They seem to say and do anything the houses and objects of a city are not able to say or do. Most people in The Hague knew Gerard Fieret probably as the Santaclaus-looking man who was feeding pigeons and who was unpredictable in his communication with passers by.


    dinsdag 3 februari 2009 om 23:47:00 CET  

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