zondag, mei 01, 2011


Mouse Speak 24

Reworking of this picture from this website.
Click on the picture to enlarge. Copyright Villa La Repubblica 2011.

[In this series I rework pictures from the internet, using my mouse and the paint facility. I use existing words from the Dutch dictionary and encyclopaedia to have a search engine find pictures for me. usually it finds unexpected things. I also use Wikipedia pictures now and then. Click here and scroll to see the whole series.]

The original picture is one of a Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta), a species i particularly like for some unknown reason. The picture was used as an illustration for a short article about a Belgian who had his finger bitten off by a hyena. It is of course difficult to rework a picture of such a wonderful beast, unless you make it more horrible. Which i tried.



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